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Friday, July 20, 2018

DLP courses in Allen | Resonance | Vibrant | Fiitjeee | Aakash | Byju's

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What is DLP course ?

DLP stands "Distance Learning Program". This program is basically run for the students who are too far from all coaching.  It is a course provided by top coaching institutes like Allen , Resonance , Vibrant , Fiitjeee , Aakash , Byju's etc. They actually help students by providing good study material at home. These materials are specially designed for DLP students. Materials are easily understands by students. In this all study material is send through courier to student's home address. 

But it is now become a business modal. Coaching are giving DLP to students and then forget the students. There is no doubt clearing program. The promises of doubt removal sessions etc just a hoax. After some time students get bored with this. Then they did not continue it further.

What to do choose DLPs OR Video Lectures?

Clearing IIT-JEE is a dream of every engineering aspirants and proper study material and guidance is necessary for achieving it. If you searching this topic on internet there is a lot of results which shows mainly coaching DLPs. Most of the coaching providing DLPs and Online Lectures . Now question arise which one choose ? What you can actually do is you can opt for video lecture rather than opting for DLP. 

Video lectures are interactive. Video lectures are easy to remember, easy to manage and not boring. It is the fastest way to deliver the topic as expert says. It is good quality material accessible from home discarding the hassles of going to a coaching center.
I can personally suggest going for video lectures provided by Kaysons Education or Byju's. 

If you still want to choose DLPs then I recommend to go for Resonance DLP. You can take DLP from here .

If you are confused in between Online or offline then read the article Online coaching vs Offline coaching. For choosing best offline coaching read BEST COACHING INSTITUTES FOR PREPARATION OF JEE.

                    BEST OF LUCK 

*My intention is not promoting any coaching institutes. This data is only on my experience.
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