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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Super 30 - Admissions - Patna

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                            Super 30
"Super 30 is a path from slum to Successful Man"

Super 30 is a highly ambitious and innovative educational program. It is running under the banner of "Ramanujan School of Mathematics". It has a unique and practical teaching ways by which mostly students qualify for JEE advance. This program is run by Indian mathematician super teacher Anand Kumar which is started in Patna, Bihar (2002). It hunts 30 meritorious talents from among the economically backward sections of society for India prestigious institution the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT). By 2018 it has produced 422 out of 480 IITians. It provide free food , lodging and coaching to all students. 

Official website :click

Anand Super 30  Classes : In 2000 when poor student approach him for coaching classes but they can't afford to pay fees to the coaching classes. Then in 2002 the idea came into the mind of him to start a free education program and named it "Super 30".

In the first year 18 out of 30 students made it to IIT. Now the number goes on i.e  increasing year by year. Finally in 2008 the number comes to 28 out of 30  that was amazing achievement of super 30. All students of 2009 and 2017 batch clears JEE advance.In 2018 batch 28 out of 30 student made it to IIT.

Super 30 Admission: This year 2019 founder of super 30 has decided to increase it's reach due to the increase demand from other states of India. This year admissions are not only for Bihar but this this it is also for other states. The process of admission remain same this year also.This test is generally in the month of may and june. This test is for 10th ,11th, 12th and 12th pass students.

Three steps to apply in super 30 are as follows :- 
 Step 1 : Download the application form 
  •  For 10th class students - Download here
  •  For 12th and 12th pass students - Download here

Step 2 : Fill up the application form Correctly with no errors.
Step 3:  Now you can submit your application form to the nearest Center along with Rs.70 application fee.

Address: Ramanujan School of Mathematics
             Naya Tola, Kumhrar, Patna-800 020