Sunday, September 23, 2018

10 tips to be in JEE mains and advance under 100...

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A lot of candidates participated in jee every year out of which 15% student qualify jee mains and out 15% only 14% students qualify for the jee advance.

          approx. data of 2018
                No. of candidate appeared in Jee :-                  15,00,000
              No. of candidates qualified in Jee mains :-      2,24,588
              No. of candidates qualified in Jee advance :-   31988
      Oh my intention is not to demotivate you just want to see you a image of rush in engineering entrance competition. 
    Most of the candidates work hard to qualify in jee mains. But as experts says that "The winner always work smart to get the goal".

So follow these tips to see yourself in under 100:-

  1.  Prepare a subject-wise check list to revise or to practice and also prepare own handwritten short notes.                                                     
  2.   Attempt a full length test paper every alternate day i.e. a minimum of 2-3 question paper before JEE Main. Make sure you analyse your attempts, the hits and the misses and the reason for the misses.                                                                                       
  3. Prepare a plan for 20 months(for 11th and 12th students) and 10 months (for after 12th students) in a copy and schedule your weak with subjects and syllabus and also prepare day schedule.(Regular studies makes you to touch your goals)                                 
  4. Always BUILD UP RIGHT & APPROPRIATE BASICS because “once the track of train changes, it will go on only that track”. So always select the right track and follow that consistently .                                                                                               
  5.  Adequate sleep or rest of at least 6-7 hours a day is mandatory if you are preparing for IIT-JEE otherwise your mindset for next day will not be conductive for further studies. Also your diet should be healthy.                                                                                           
  6. A peer group that matches your goals is the best company you could keep during your IIT JEE Preparation. Choose your friends wisely such that they are your strengths and help you be competitive and up to date as well as motivated .                                  
  7. Study smart - Like you make a list of all boring topics and schedule it in the morning time or when you feel fresh.                   
  8. Do morning exercise per day to feel fresh all over the day and you get to see a change in your lifestyle.                                                   
  9.   Be a mad about your goal until you touch it.                                         
  10. Finally, I recommend you at end 1ast time revise,solve practice papers (in under time ) and learn NCERT by heart.

So, keep working on your goal.

   " Never give up because winner is always One"

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