Thursday, June 28, 2018

What to do after ?

  At the first day of your college you have a dream that after completing you have a wonderful job in your hand. But when you reached the final year then you see the reality of jobs. You did not get the job which you actually want. After all you decided to do something after A lot of student choose a wrong path due to lack of knowledge. Now I am going to solve your problem that what to do after

What to do after in computer science & engineering :-

Every computer science engineer has a plenty of opportunity to start the career. There are a number of courses which students choose after Here, one gets confused in deciding which course best matches their interest, skills and long term career goals. I am going to discuss all the path of that you may choose after Choose the field (here) in which you are interested. After selecting the field make and start preparation to achieve your goal. 

  1. you are interested in higher studies and wants to do specialization in some topic. Then go through it. For doing  you have to choose the best of colleges. There are many exams such as Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering(GATE), BITS, GRE, TOEFL etc.                                                           
  2. M.B.A- If you are interested in management courses.MBA courses come with a wide range of specializations such as Human Resource (HR), Sales and Marketing, and International Relations etc. which provide aspirants an option to choose their area of interest. In India, IIM provides one of the best opportunities to do M.B.A.                                                                                                   
  3. Diploma courses-There are number of jobs by short term diploma courses. Here is discussed a list of all courses.

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