Friday, May 11, 2018

Reality of placement in IITs

We all know that IITs are most prestigious institutes of country. Most the students have dreams to get 1 crore or higher packages at IITs they expect that and why not they have cleared one of  the most toughest examinations of India. They are the best minds of India they should get the best jobs.
                 But the reality is bitter, only few IITians are able to grab such a high package. The average salary of IITians are 5-6 lakh only and that's true. Most of the students dream that they will tackle all the problems and become those few. But it depends on many factors  may be that of your smartness, contact with the staff of companies, etc.
                          Most of the companies are looking for the most talented person and if you got that spark in you, it is easy for you to get selected and have the best job you have being aspiring for.
                                      Two things that are really taken into consideration by top companies are the institution’s reputation and the success of its alumni in the past. And in that slot, both score really high.
                                                                    There are many student which are from very orthodox family they also faces a lots of trouble during placement time. They don't have proper guidance of these conditions. They are hoping that once they get into IIT they will get the best placement easily. I  will suggest them to make much contact with their seniors and take help from them they are the best source of guidance for them.

If you hope for a good job placement their must be following point taken into consideration:
1. Quick learners - Ability to gain new skills faster

2. Interpersonal and communication skills

3. Ability to take ownership - Initiative and accountability for one's work
4.Never say never' attitude - Eagerness to take responsibility over and above one's job profile

    5. Problem solving skills - Finding creative solutions for complex issues

6. Sincerity, hard work and perseverance - Key attributes of a potential employee

7. Team player:person should be able to work with team and lead them

8. Personal credibility and integrity

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