Monday, May 28, 2018

Online coaching vs Offline coaching

In today's world to get admission in a prestigious college or to get selected in any prestigious examination whether it is of engineering, medical, accountancy, UPSC, etc. A coaching plays an important role in shaping the future of student. Well there are people who got good rank and perform very well in these examination without going through any of these coaching institutes. Well on the other hand a huge number of students have benefitted much from these coaching institutes.
                                  The are different types of students along with different study pattern some like to study by repetition some by solving some by creating various keywords and much more. Different student have different need of coaching some understand various concepts easily while others take some time, some can read and learn things easily and while others cannot.
                                                                Now taking you to the offline coaching scenario. Here there would be teacher who would explain various topics and the students would be listening to it. As the teacher had to pay attention to whole of the class he/she would be adopting such a method of teaching that is understandable by all. Here are various pros that I like to be listed for an offline coaching:

1.Better interaction: In an offline coaching you can interact much with your teacher as compared to an online coaching. It helps to grab the concepts more firmly.
2. Better focusing power: During the phase of offline coaching a student learn to improve their focus more and more.
3. More effective: Offline coaching is more effective as compared with the online coaching it helps you to solve problem right there in specific time.
4. Helps you to know your study level: By interacting with the students in class you will get to know how  your performance level will be in competition.
5. Helps you find your mistakes more easily: You can directly  ask to your teacher all the doubts on the spot and learn easily. Teacher is also having a good eye on you to point out your mistakes.
Different cons of the offline coaching are:
1.Cannot listen again and again: If you are not able to understand something you cannot listen again and again to the and ask him/ her to repeat the topic again.
2.Accessibility: Most of the student are still not able to get proper education facilities because of their location. They are far away from the reach of people living in remote location.
3. Reliability: Off-line coaching doesn't rely on any internet facility for their courses to deliver the uses blackboards and chalks for explanation of lessons.
On again switching our topic to online coaching scenario. There would be a device may be laptop, mobile phone, tablet or any other whatever you prefer.  A video lecture of the teacher explaining certain lesson would be there. After the lecture is over you can get your doubts clear sounds good!.
Let me explain various pros and cons of online coaching method:
Different pros of online coaching method are:
1.No time barrier: you are free from any time barrier you can watch lesson w whenever you wanted accordingly to your wish.
2. No physical boundaries: you can opt for online coaching from any part of the world the only thing required is good internet connection and video streaming device.
3. Repitition allowed: you can repeat a given lecture every now and then whenever you wanted it to be repeated and understand every details of it.
4. Makes learning more impressive: Helps you do make up the learning more impressive to you so you can understand thing in a better way.
Different cons of online learning
1. Distractions:  the biggest con of online learning is distraction it decreases the ability of the student to concentrate and figure out what is right and what is wrong sir him/her.
2. No pressure: without any pressure student are easily distracted from their actual path and do not focus on their studies.

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