Sunday, May 13, 2018

Boards and Competitive examinations

        Most of the people start to prepare for competitive examination after class 10th on wards. After preparing for one year in class 11th,  they start to think about whether they need to prepare for  boards or for  the competitive examination. Both of the exam have  different approach to study.
        In preparation of a competitive examination you have to cover all the 12th and 11th course. You have to write immensely and read a lot. You have to remember a lot of things to secure 90 above percentage you have to work very hard.
        Now for preparation of competitions we need to focus on conceptual learning we do not need to mug up things like parrots. We need to work smartly.

What can we do?

  • We have to make a proper study timetable for preparation that covers our competition as well as board examination. Now long term time-table fails mostly so try to sechdule your work for one day after. Try sechduling your next day .                                  
  • For chemistry during board examination try to prepare only by NCERT and for competitive examination try other books*.      
  • For mathematics R.D Sharma is enough during boards. For competitive examination get more good books*.                  
  • For physics choose NCERT or S.L Arora during boards and for competitive examination try others good books.                   
  • To get details about competitive books Click Here.  
  • Dedicate time as per your degree of ease You may take a little longer to grasp some subjects, while some may be easy for you. Dedicate your time accordingly. Always keep some extra time to develop competency for the complicated ones.

  • Set short term goals
    It is recommended that you give yourself weekly goals. You can set twin or multiple goals of how much will you cover your syllabus considering both the exams in mind, and see towards the end of the week that how much have you actually covered. This will help you calculate your actual performance

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