Sunday, April 29, 2018


And the most awaited day had come which most of the students had been waiting for it's the result time before going to reaulre let us discuss key points of this paper:

  1. Physics:As most of the previous year questions were of moderate difficulty level one can easily score enough to get good marks
  2. Chemistry:It was also easy little bit was difficult but not too much all the questions can be answered easily.
3.Mathematics:Again it was of moderate level questions were not too difficult questions can be solved in appreciable time limits.

Wrong questions:All the questions were correct this year.The physics one regarding pulley was also correct, Chemistry one had two options correct which may give you a bonus point.

To check your results go to official website:Click here

Whatever will the result be if it is good that's okay and if it is not don't loose hope
because life is full of opportunities one goes down others will come in and if want to succeed you need to have this never give up attitude in you.

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