Saturday, April 28, 2018

IITs Vs Private Colleges

IITs are always a good option for students who wants to pursue engineering.To get into an IIT you had clear one of the toughest competition of India which is JEE-Advance.Every year near about 13lakh conditates apply for getting a seat into IITs.But only  few of them are able to successfully.Even in IITs also didn't gaurantee you a successful career,it matter a lot but you need to constantly improving yourselves.Not everyone in IITs also not able to make a good  career.
Why IITs are better?
There are many reasons why IITs would be a better choice

  • Huge Alumni network:They are the place for best minds of India,they have one of the best alumni network of all colleges.
  • Best education:No doubt a IITs provide the best education and are the most prestigious colleges of India.
  • Placement:IITs offers the best placement among all the colleges of India they have tie up with all the bigs MNCs which hire their students.
  • Exposure:At IITs you will get the best exposure to various type of skills both technical and others.

                      Private colleges on the other hand are also good choice some of the private colleges like BITs,VITs are even comparable with IITs.But some of the private colleges are not good at all they are just running bussiness and fooling people.Most of the people are not able to crack these examinations so the only choice left with them is going into some good private institutions.Here is the point where right guidance is required to students they don't have much knowledge about which college is good or which is wrong. That's why we have created this site to help every student who are in search of a good college.There are many great private colleges which you can join and can succeed.
               There are many people who have not been able to crack IIT-JEE and still are among the top in  their field.You can find many stories of people which have made it. If you haven't cleared no problem you have to now look further you haven't done a crime by not qualifying in it, there are many other opportunies waiting for you in this world.
               Wherever you are it's your talent and hardwork that decide till where you will go, no one can help you untill you are ready to help yourself out.

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