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Enginneering life in first year

Engineering Life In College First Year

Choosing College: From a  big engineering exam which you have given  last days now you know your level and you have  guessed which college you get. Now  You  are going to take admission in your desired college and  Now your college life started. I think you have dream that you have a lot of freedom, enjoyment, fun and also a beautiful girlfriend  you have in college and  most important you "NO STUDY".

ENGINEERING LIFE: Let's  start talking you about college in first year . I think you are very curious to know about college life from  the  day of college to the last day of first year.
It's mostly depend on which type of college you choose IIT, NIT, IIIT, Or Last Private college. Your first year life in IIT,NIT, IIIT or in any government is totally different from life in your most of the private college. In government college there is a mixture of all activities , sports , as well as study . There  is very interactive environment and very supportive faculties as well as seniors.
But in private total game changes with respect  to government college .
In private college when you entered first day of your college the first  message delivered to you by your respective professor is that "YOU HAVE TO MAINTAIN MINIMUM 75 % ATTENDANCE IN COLLEGE ". Now your study started in college there is break in study and day by day you get again under the books. The mostly students think that in college there is no work load and study but you will get wrong about it . In the first year you two semester and each semester have four exams including two sessionals , one PUT and one external exam . It means you have to face 8 exam in 1  year. I think you haven't give that much of exams in class 12th or in any other class. This is just startup...
Now the turn of assignment there is about 4 assignment per subject per semester . You have 5 subjects 1st semester and same as in 2nd also. It means  you have to submit 40 assignment in a year ......WORK LOAD......Where are you going .......
Now you have also 3 practical per semester and you have to also make file and in  semester you have a subject  engineering drawing in which  you have to make about 6 to 8 sheets. There is no one recomended you take participate in extra curriculum activities in college under these pressure. And many more things go your college and watch the engineering  show of colleges.
(*The above data may vary from college to to college )           

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